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Hi I'm Dean,

The fact your on this website probably means your looking to improve you're health in some way? 

That's great but why would you choose me over all the other trainers you can work with?

Well to start with I have over 16 years of experience working with people from all walks of life, helping them lose weight and get fit as well as improving health issues like diabetes, blood pressure and arthritis. Read some of my results in the success stories tab.

I've all ways been active, my love for fitness grew in martial arts from age 12 later teaching as a hobby inspired me to become a trainer and get into the health and fitness industry.

Since then I've worked in various mainstream gyms and health clubs as an instructor and management and since the start of 2018, working for myself.

Over these years I've seen all the fads, spoofs and plans and most of them don't work! Through my learning, reading and experience I have come to my own methods for helping people gain long term health.

I pride myself on constantly trying to learn, using information that helps me and my clients, I try and make things simple but effective and at the same time enjoyable.

I am also proud of my achievements in my learning and hope it gives you confidence that I know what I'm talking about.

- H.N.C Sports Science - Coventry University

- Personal Training and advanced instruction - Future fit training.

- Advanced torso and core stability - Future fit training.

- Holistic Nutrition - School of natural health sciences.

- Advanced Nutrition - School of natural health sciences.

Continued self study keeps me up to date with new research and information and I am all ways open to new ideas.

I sure that I can help you in some way, call now to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss how I could help.

Look forward to hearing from you 



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