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This really works.

Please read these amazing success stories from people I have helped, we see not only weight loss but reduced blood sugars, blood pressure, inflammatory issue reduction, diabetes remission and overall health improvements. It still amazes me how effective such a simple intervention can be.

Hi Dean just thought I'd take this rare opportunity to say how grateful i am and how fantastic I feel to what I did back in November, and it is with all your primal way of eating that has got me there and you of course with advice and a shoulder at times. I cannot believe that I have not missed all those things I used to have and I am still able to enjoy my food. With your guidance having lost nearly two stone since November and still another to go, I feel confident I will get there and still enjoy my food and drink as much as I did before probably even more so now. I have not looked at this as a diet at all but a different way of eating that I intend to keep up. Thank you so much this was perfect timing in my life for this to's to the next stone

Normal weight loss programs have not worked for me. When I got hungry I grabbed the nearest food, usually a chocolate bar. Despite 6 years going to the gym, I never have lost weight. So I decided to give primal nature a go.


The first three weeks needed some dedication and discipline with changes to food shopping purchases and eating habit changes. During the initial three weeks, I felt a little light headed for a 24 hour period, but this apart all went well. I now have increased energy and most importantly, I never feel hungry. My lifestyle is a challenge, where work means considerable overseas travel, but I have managed to find many alternative eating options.

I now have to mention the small matter of losing over 20lbs in three months. This period included Christmas, new year and my birthday weekend ! I found Dean very supportive, with good guidance, including some creative ideas for alternative food options, including chocolate.


In addition, my wife has 'joined in' and supported me. Our  shopping basket has healthy foods, without sacrificing tasty options.

Overweight, unfit and conscious of my ever expanding waist line. Time for drastic action which led my wife to booking me the nine week course with Dean


Not at all what I was expecting, in fact Primal is more of a lifestyle change than just a weight loss class. Dean the instructor lives the lifestyle which is pure dedication. I on the other hand did not feel able to commit so fully, but despite this with modest changes in eating habits and lifestyle I have seen quite a big change. Besides losing weight I am also pleased to see my waistline decreasing and my blood pressure, which was normally quite high and controlled by medication, considerably reduced. Gym work outs seem much easier now.


Don't envisage it being easy, the first three weeks require willpower and a determination to stick with it at all cost. Dean was there to encourage and guide you through those difficult times and was always to hand either in person or by email to discuss any problems you may be experiencing.


I would recommend anyone who wishes to not just lose weight but to improve their health to give it a go.

Myself and my wife started in 2016. We had heard from several people at the gym how good it was and we thought we would give it a go. Our main aim was to lose weight. From the first week we started to gradually to lose a few pounds every week. After the 3rd and 4th week we started to notice health benefits for both of us.


I personally found that by not having wheat had a noticeable effect on my asthma and didn't need to use my inhaler as often. My wife noticed a huge difference in not feeling as bloated.


Within 9 weeks I lost around 13lbs and my wife lost 7 lbs. Each week we found the presentations informative and the weekly recipes easy to make and tasty.


We will both continue to follow the primal diet and would recommend it to anyone.

I worked with Dean and was absolutely thrilled to drop a dress size after trying for years by slogging away at the gym.  It is not just about weight loss I know, but this was an achieved goal for me and to top that I now feel better in myself as well.  You eat rubbish and you feel rubbish!


Many thanks for your help,

I changed to the Primal  way of eating and can honestly say that I was amazed at how much better the diet made me feel. My aches and pains in my left shoulder and both hip joints disappeared and I felt a lot more awake throughout the day regardless at what time I went to bed at night. My energy levels have increased and my mood has improved as well.


The actual education of foods was really interesting and Dean explained in detail the reason for the foods that we eat and the breakdown in the body which happens, which I found very useful. Everything that is taught makes sense and you come away knowing a lot more about the foods that we eat and the reasons for eating them.


I recommend anyone to have a go at this way of eating as not only is it an education about foods and the body but makes you a more healthy person in body and mind

My primary reason for trying a primal diet was to lose weight, and having started on the primal journey in January 2016 I went on to lose 1.5st in around 5 months. However I soon realised that weight loss was only one benefit of the diet and I started to feel much better in myself. I had assumed that an unsettled stomach was part and parcel of life but I now have no such issues.


While I may occasionally exceed the 80/20 rule, perhaps on holiday, I soon get back on to the diet to reset my system and to address weight gain and bloating.


The primal diet has to become a way of life to be effective, but it's well worth the effort and after a while becomes second nature.

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