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Food is simple!

There is no one size fits all approach to eating, but the basic template is simple, EAT REAL FOOD!
This is the foundation of my plan, get the nutrition right and everything else falls into place. No gimmicks, supplements or fads just tasty nourishing food.

We live in a world where food is available 24/7, and most of it really isn't that great for our body's.

When you look at how far our modern diets have come from even just the last 60 years its no wonder our health is in decline.

Not to mention how far it has come from the foods we should be eating.

Most of the advice we are given is misguided and confusing, and is taking us down a murky path of ill health.

Processed, sugar laden, chemical filled junk is becoming the basis for many peoples diets and this has to stop.

My approach helps us switch our bodies back to operating more efficiently, giving the body the nourishment it needs to function well and maintain all round health. With no need for weighing, measuring or counting anything its simple.

Beef Steak
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